Friday, July 30, 2010

Jay Chou The Era Concert, Hong Kong

This few days, I am having serious headache over ticketing-buying issues of Jay Chou Hong Kong concert, which is to be held on 16-19; 21-22 September in Hung Hom Colliseum.

What I know is, The Era is Jay's 10th Anniversary concert, and it must be really a meaningful and fantastic show. So I must be one of his millions fans that take part in his wonderful memories of The Era World Tour. However, only after I discover more deeply into HK's concert culture, I realise that getting his concert ticket is not an easy task.

Although many HongKongers claimed that this time the tickets are selling at double price as compared with last time, which are HKD 880,680,480 and 280. I still firm with my decision on buying at least a 880 ticket, which equivalents to around RM 380. As for me, even a concert ticket in Malaysia by a less wellknown singers will cost up to RM500 or more for the most expensive one, so of course I think that spending less than RM 400 for a Jay concert in Hong Kong is so much worth well.

I go through many ways in order to obtain my ticket, including getting friends with online strangers and ask them to lend a hand. This is unargubly risky and raises concern from my family and friends. However, I have gone through a serious revise on the person's personality and activities and think that she is really a thrustworthy person. Furthermore, she willing to pay for my ticket first before I collecting it from her in HK later. She took leave on the day where counter sales start, and queue up for tickets early in the morning. Unfortunately, many fans were there before her 2 days ago.

I anxiously waited her over MSN in Malaysia while she was on her ticket hunting in HK. Before I get any news from her, I just receive message from another HongKongers about her friend managed to buy her a front-line last show 880 ticket. What a wonderful gift to her ! I hope of getting a good place rises. Unfortunately, in the afternoon, my friend was back with her sis, dissapointed and angry. They even open up mic to voice out their complaints to me regarding the tickets. They can't get to buy 880 nor 680 tickets, T.T because about 90% of the crowd in the queue in front of her are what we call " Yellow Cow Gang"黄.牛.党.

They bought tickets in 10 and gather together to sell them at a relatively higher price to gain profit. Just few minutes after that, we notice a seller on ebay selling Jay's 880 tickets(about 30 tickets) at HKD 26K !!! Really hate them, they failed the real fans dream of watching Jay's concert, they forced fans to buy tickets at a unreasonbly higher price. My friend was super angry and created post and group on facebook and popular forum in order to urge public to go against any transaction with those YCG.

While I still feeling very much heartbreaking, as I can;t even get a 880 ticket for any of the 6 shows. And my 480 ticket is of very bad place, probably can only see Jay's back all the time cause is "paling tepi" punya place =(

But, yesterday, something delighted happened. I manage to log in to the online ticketing system and grab some remaining tickets on last show (22th Sept), but only of 280. But I am very much satisfied as this 280 ticket are quite strategic place compare to 480 one.

For now, I still hope that Jay will have additional performance, although I will back into headache of whether to buy more tickets or not. Hope I can get to watch without any more obstacles. I just want to enjoy your music, Jay Chou !

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